Best folding electric bike for motorhome

Best folding electric bike for motorhome (MiRider One folding electric bike)

Choosing the best folding electric bike for motorhome

The category of folding eBikes is both vast and expansive; spanning many different designs and purposes. So, with this in mind, how do you choose the best folding electric bike for motorhome use? 

Best folding electric bike for motorhome

Motorhomes and eBikes make the perfect pair; an eBike allowing you the freedom to thoroughly explore your surroundings once you park your motorhome at your desired destination.

And, practically, folding eBikes can often make the most appropriate type of eBike available to motorhome owners, simply because they take up less space than other eBikes - making them easy to store - and are typically lightweight. 

However, within the category of folding eBike, there are a multitude of different designs & features; which may be leaving you wondering what is the best folding electric bike for motorhome

Elements that make up a great folding electric bike

Fold in half: The most popular type of folding eBike is the ‘fold in half’ which means the bike hinges in the middle and the seatpost and handlebar post fold down. This makes for a quick and easy fold. 

Lightweight: Folding eBikes also tend to be slightly smaller than other available eBikes which, when travelling, is nothing short of an advantage; easy storage is a must for eBike-motorhome compatibility. And, within this, choosing a lightweight folding eBike is also an important factor, not only for storage, but also for lifting and carrying, should your surroundings call for it. 

Hub motor: Hub motors are the types of motors typically found on folding electric bikes, mainly due to the fact they are lighter in weight than other types of motors, as well as being less likely to get in the way of the fold itself. 

Small but perfectly formed: Although folding eBikes are typically slightly smaller than other eBikes, the best folding electric bikes feel and perform like full sized electric bikes in both their features and the cycling experience you get.

Fun factor: Above all, the best electric bike for motorhome needs to have the fun factor! This isn’t just about the variation of colours a folding eBike might come in, but also how comfortable the eBike is to ride; how quiet the engine is, and how far the eBike can and will go before running out of power. 

MiRider One folding electric bike

The MiRider One folding electric bike has all of these elements making it, in our opinion, one of the best folding electric bikes for motorhome owners. 

It folds in seconds, comes in a variety of bright colours, is small but comfortable to ride; lightweight at just 17.2kg, the hub motor is quiet, charging time is quick at 2 - 3 hours, and the cycling range is generous at around 40 miles. 

What’s more, the MiRider One is covered by a 2 year warranty, providing you with peace of mind. 

So, if you’re looking for a folding eBike to take with you and enhance your next motorhome holiday, the MiRider One is highly recommended.


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