• About eBikes
  • What is an electric bike?

    An electric bicycle also known as an eBike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. Also known as Pedelecs, the term "pedelec" (from pedal electric cycle) refers to a pedal-assist eBike with an electric motor and a decent, but not excessive, top speed. Pedelecs are legally classed as bicycles rather than low-powered motorcycles or mopeds (source Wikipedia).

    So a UK road legal eBike will have 3 key features that class it as an ordinary bicycle which means you do not need a licence or have to register or tax it:

    1. Maximum motor power of 250 watts.

    2. It will only assist you when you pedal.

    3. It will assist up to 15.5mph (25kph).

  • Do I have to pedal an electric bike?

    Yes. UK road legal eBikes only assist when you pedal. Riding an eBike is just like riding a conventional bicycle but with various levels of motor assistance to help you when you need it. The motor either helps you get up to speed quicker or helps take the sweat out of hills and longer rides.

  • Is an electric bike noisy?

    No! Our eBikes have a premium quality 250W motors which, although powerful, are barely audible. We want you to look and feel confident on your electric bike, neither you nor anyone else will hear it when you switch to power assisted pedalling.

  • Is an electric bike more likely to get a puncture?

    No. Most eBikes we sell have some sort of puncture protection. Where possible it is never a bad idea to upgrade to an even more robust tyre such as the Schwalbe Marathon or Kenda Nevegal. Tyre manufacturers are constantly working on improving protection to keep us on the road and smiling.

  • eBike Power Packs / Batteries
  • What is the battery life of an electric bike?

    Battery life can vary enormously dependant on the quality of manufacture. Every one of our Batribike and Mark2 batteries are Danish made using the finest components with a built in management system to optimise health. This is why they come with a 3 year warranty (extendable to 5 years). This guarantee is for a minimum of 70% capacity. We use software diagnostics to check battery health and will replace under warranty if the capacity drops below this figure in the warranty period.

    A well cared for battery has an expected life of 800 cycles, which is a full charge and discharge. So for example if you got 50 miles from a full charge and you cycle 50 miles per week then multiply that by 800 and that is how long, in theory, the battery should be good for.

  • Can I remove the eBike battery?

    The eBike battery is easily removable with a secure key so you can simply take the battery inside to charge your Mark2. Mark2 electric bikes are also designed to be strong and rigid enough to allow cycling without the battery attached if you choose.

  • How fast can I go on an electric bike?

    You can go as fast as you like (within displayed speed limits) on your electric bike, but the pedal assist will cut out at 15.5mph (25kph) to comply with EU law.

  • Where can I ride my new eBike?

    An electric bike can be ridden anywhere a traditional bike can be ridden (only further and with less effort).

  • What's the range of an electric bike?

    The Mark2 eBike battery will give you about 30 to 60 miles of use, depending on the terrain. On flatter roads, it will be nearer to 60 miles, while if you are on a very hilly route, the battery will provide around 30 miles of use. The Mark2 eBike motor is only activated when needed so you can cover some very long distances if you wish. In fact you can ride as far as you like, even without the battery!

  • How do I know which is the best eBike to buy?

    There is a vast range of electric bikes on the market. We looked at the eBikes available and determined to design a bike that gave you outstanding quality at an affordable price. We believe our electric bikes are difficult to beat.

  • What if something were to go wrong with my electric bike?

    You can rest assured knowing that you are covered for two years by the Mark2 eBike guarantee programme. We are very confident of the quality of our electric bikes. For more information, see our warranty page.

  • How long does the eBike battery take to charge?

    Your Mark2 electric bike battery will take 4-5 hours to charge from flat. We recommend regular charging for the health and longevity of the battery.

  • What are the running costs of an electric bike?

    A charge from empty will cost only around three pence! Electric bikes are a very economical and environmentally friendly form of transport.

  • How heavy is a Mark2 eBike?

    The Mark2 Scrambler eBike weighs just 19.2kgs and the X-Cross checks in at 21.1kgs. These are impressively low compared to other eBikes on the market. All Mark2 models have been designed to keep weight to a minimum.

  • Can I ride an electric bike without power?

    Yes! The low weight of the Mark2 eBike makes it easy to ride with or without power.

  • Where should I service my eBike?

    Mark2 eBikes use standard bike components, therefore you can take it to any normal bicycle workshop for mechanical repairs and servicing.