How often should you charge your eBike battery?

how often should you charge your eBike battery?

Within this brief but informative blog, we’ll answer the frequently asked question: how often should you charge your eBike battery?

You’re not alone if getting the most out of your eBike battery and ensuring it lasts as long as possible is at the top of your list of priorities in eBike maintenance & care - after all, the battery is at the the very heart of what makes your electric bike an electric bike and it is the most important component! So, with this in mind, you’re probably wondering: how often should you charge your eBike battery? 

How often should you charge your eBike battery? 

When it comes to your eBike battery, there’s some truth in the statement ‘less is more’; charging little and often really being the most highly and widely recommended way of charging your eBike battery. 

But what does this mean in practice? 

The best way to go about charging your electric bike battery little and often is to get into the routine of charging it every time you return home from a leisurely cycle ride or a day at work (commuting there and back on your eBike, of course!) - get home, get settled, and get it on charge. 

What’s more, the battery doesn’t need to be fully charged every time - a typical rule of thumb is to ensure the battery is kept at 30 - 60% charge the majority of the time. 

How to make your eBike battery last longer

Now, this wouldn’t be an informative and comprehensive eBike battery blog without mention of how to make your eBike battery last longer, so here are some super simple tips to help you - 

Charge new batteries for 12 hours before use: Ok, ok, we get it - you get a new eBike delivered to you, it’s shiny and clean and begging to be cycled! Of course the first thing you want to do when you unbox your new bike (or new battery if you’re replacing your current/old one!) is take it for a ride, we do too! But charging a brand new, fresh out the box eBike battery for 12 hours before you use it is the number 1 way your battery will last. It’s likely to have been on a journey; shipped all the way from another town, county or even country, and will have been unused for at least a few days - it’ll need time to refresh and revitalise with a good, long charge. 

Store your battery with care: It might feel natural to store your eBike and its battery in the shed or garage, or even your conservatory if you have one, but storing your battery with care and consideration is another important and effective way to ensure it lasts longer. eBike batteries should always be stored in doors and, ideally, in 45 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 - 29 degrees Celsius). Alongside this, keeping it out of direct sunlight is also strongly advised, as well as keeping it dry and free from moisture. 

Take care of your eBike: General eBike maintenance and care will support overall battery health; the more strain put on your eBike through a lack of maintenance, a flat tyre or weak brakes, the harder the battery will have to work. Booking in regular eBike servicing sessions to keep your eBike in good health will help the battery last even longer. 

Storing & caring for your eBike battery during periods of inactivity

On occasions you aren't using your eBike for longer periods of time, such as during the winter, the most important thing you can do is to ensure you charge your battery at least once a month. 

Put it away indoors with at least 60-75% full charge and make an effort to put it on charge at least once a month. This will help ensure the health of the battery is maintained when not being used. 

Batteries left in storage with low charge for months at a time often end up completely flat and a flat (or ‘dead’) battery is often expensive to replace. 

This is such an important element of battery care, in fact, that some battery warranties stipulate that you must charge your battery a minimum of once a month, and in many cases this can be checked. 

This means that if your battery fails within the warranty period and you haven't charged it once a month, your warranty would be void.

A well cared for battery can be expected to give 5+ years of good service and apart from the simple tips given require no other maintenance.

In short, the amount of times a week or month you charge your eBike battery is just one small element in eBike maintenance and battery care - getting into the habit of charging your eBike between 30 & 60% after each use, storing your battery correctly, and taking care of your eBike are all important points to consider. 

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